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Hey Visitor, I am

Arushi Patni

A UX/UI designer

Living in : Indore India

Projects created : 321

Education : B.E. in Computer Science

I am a fresher in UI/UX designing. I worked as a DevOps Engineer in my previous company Impetus Infotech for 10 months. I designed my first website during my internship at Ecomcraft, where I learnt the very basics of designing. I love to design new designs, and I know that I am using the word design too much but that's all it's about.

Did I mention I love to go on treks? They are so designed for me.

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Visual Designing


Completed Specialization in UX/UI design from California Institute of Arts from Coursera. Link to Certificate :

UI/UX Design Specialization

Research Paper on the topic 'Classification of Satellite Images on HDFS Using Deep Neural Networks' in Springer Journal named International Conference on Advanced Computing Networking and Informatics

Link to Springer Journal